Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Teacher's Day

Today is Teacher's Day in Lebanon and guess what we get? THE DAY OFF!! Now *that* is how you appreciate teachers!

Oh yeah, and we get a night of dinner and dancing in a swanky hotel restaurant. Usually our school holds it the night before our day off but for scheduling reasons we're having it the week after Teacher's Day this year.


Jules said...

that is awesome! way to go, lebanon!

a day off would make me feel much more appreciated than a box of chalk. heh. :)

Judaic Learning said...

We recently held a teacher's appreciation day, and always seem to have a intimate low-key kind of setting. Your teacher's day traditions sound exciting. I think next year we should hold some sort of dance or catering...these types of social gatherings, like in any regular office situation, bring the teachers out of their normal environment, and it opens up doors for more in-depth friendship and conversation.