Monday, May 09, 2011

A Day of International Inspiration!

I am working with Missy Gluckmann of Melibee Global to put on an exciting seminar sure to inspire.

"A Day of International Inspiration" at Purchase College, SUNY on June 8th.

Come hear from four very inspiring speakers who will present on global citizenship, Muslims in America, spirituality and the environment, and the joy and challenges of serving abroad. There will also be a screening of the documentary BUDRUS (called the "must see documentary of the year" by Nicolas Kristof of the NY Times).

This will be a great opportunity to network and meet other globally minded educators.

For full program information:

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Teacher's Day

Today is Teacher's Day in Lebanon and guess what we get? THE DAY OFF!! Now *that* is how you appreciate teachers!

Oh yeah, and we get a night of dinner and dancing in a swanky hotel restaurant. Usually our school holds it the night before our day off but for scheduling reasons we're having it the week after Teacher's Day this year.