Tuesday, October 30, 2007

And That's How You Know It's Been a Really Long Day

When it’s 3:00 and you’re passing out math manipulatives to Kindergartners and say: “J and S you get the green triangles. K and R you get the orange squares. N and V you get the yellow . . . the yellow . . . thingys.”

And N says: “You mean hexagons?”

“Yes. Hexagons.”

“Ms. M, did you forget?”


R said...

I work with a kindergarten class in which all the tables are named after those manipulatives: the yellow hexagon table, the blue square table, etc. Every time I'm in that class, the following dialogue happens:
Me: "Purple diamond table, please come to the rug."
Entire class: "It's the purple RHOMBUS!"

J said...

I do that all the time, but not with shapes. I'll be like, "Uh...you there, go get that, that, thing over there." They get all indignant, but I'm like, hey, I'm old, I forget things! :)