Friday, March 28, 2008

Our "Quality" Has Been Reviewed

So the first word (given by our principal over the loudspeaker just minutes after the reviewer left) was that our review was "extremely positive" with more details to come.

I'm sorry, but I'm not excited that my school did great on our Quality Review, because it just isn't. For the second year in a row we managed to fool them. If I were the principal I think my goal for next year would be to get the same result without any crazy preparations leading up to the day and a half review. If all these pretend things we did for the review (bulletin boards, data binders, classroom rearrangements, prepping the students and teachers to say the right thing) were just naturally in place all year with out a mention of the QR, THEN I'd be happy we got a good review.


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NYC Educator said...

It's kind of sad they sweep everything under the rug like that. Did you get the surveys from the DoE yet? Do you notice they fail to ask about class size or overcrowding?

They not only don't want to address fundamental problems, they want to pretend they don't exist.

the teacher said...

These are things that just tork me off about education....all of the "hoop jumping" we are required to do.

Why is it so hard to judge the effectiveness of a school/teacher by simply seeing what a kid knows going into your classroom and then checking to see that they learned what they were supposed to when they leave? We cannot do that but boy, we sure can check the effectiveness of bulletin board displays!