Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Will I ever get my own class?

For the second year in a row now I put on my preference sheet that I want my own class instead of teaching ESL. Just like last year my choices were 1) first grade, 2) Kindergarten, and 3) second grade. I talked with the principal and she knows that I really, really want this for all the same reasons as last year. This year though she keep mentioning how she knows I'm "not comfortable with the inconsistent schedule of being an out of classroom teacher." Weird that this year she tries to subtly put me down by saying I can't handle an inconsistent schedule of coverages and maybe I should "consider going into the classroom" when last year she said she had seen me in coverages and I needed to work on my classroom management if she were to consider giving me my own class. Contradictory much? Anyway, she said she would seriously consider it though it is problematic to create a vacancy in a "high-needs" license area. (Makes me think I'm definitely not getting it as she's already set me up for why she can't.) Then at the full day PD last week when her and I were discussing yearbook stuff she said I needed to make sure to go to the PD with the rest of the teachers because I need to "be in the loop in case I have my own classroom next year." (And still I think she's just saying that to say it.)

I know that next year they are adding a first grade class and a Kindergarten class and both of the current Kindergarten teachers want to move to new grades so there should be plenty of movement if she really wants to give it to me. The tentative organization sheet is due out Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Classes are rotatable and preference sheets (to the extent administratively possible, etc etc) should be honored.

See what you get, and if it is wrong, think about whether you are ready to grieve it. If you are not yet tenured, maybe wait one more year? It depends on a lot of details from your school.

But if you grieve, do it right after you get the tentative program (that will force a decision before the year is out, and otherwise you'll have to wait for the actual program in September, and then grieve that, and then see what happens.)


Anonymous said...

If you get your own class, I am more than happy to be penpals with you!

Miss G said...

I'll cross my fingers for you!! Tons and tons of teachers are leaving my school (including your preference k, 1, and 2 grades) - our organizations sheet actually says VACANCY all over it :) There are always classroom positions other places.