Monday, November 17, 2008

There's always some sort of emergency around here

We have an "emergency" faculty meeting tomorrow morning at 7:30 a.m. Rumor has it that it's to discuss the budget. Do other schools have "emergency" faculty meetings? And if you call them "emergency" is it then okay for them to break our union contract by having them, a) more than the regular once per month, and b) before our contractual working hours which begin at 8 a.m.? (Oh, wait, we ALWAYS have our faculty meetings at 7:30 a.m.) I think this is already our second or third emergency meeting of the year.


Not Quite Grown Up said...

My school had an emergency meeting yesterday concerning the budget.

District's solution is to shut down my school - one of the highest performing in the district.

I hope your meeting has a better outcome than mine did.

miss brave said...

We had our most depressing faculty meeting ever yesterday. There were three items on the agenda, and it boiled down to this: (1) The neighborhood is getting more dangerous, so don't park too far away, (2) there is no money in the budget for substitute teachers, so don't get sick, and (3) all the requirements for Quality Review have changed, so our school is probably actually underdeveloped. Happy Monday!

Ms. M said...

Miss Brave- We got that same bit about the Quality Review. We would be two steps lover than we were last year so we need to start preparing now for next year's QR. "We're moving toward individualized education plans for each student" in the words of my principal this morning. Joy.

Anonymous said...

We get them. They are fairly rare, announced as 5 minutes after school (but really 5 - 15). I object, and then the principal includes that if anyone can't stay, that that's ok, and I relent.

But really, he goes light on the meetings that we are supposed to have, so the only real issue are the people who need to leave immediately for child care or other obligations...

As long as no one is put upon, they are not a problem.