Monday, April 18, 2005

About Me

So, I thought I'd let all of my future blog readers out there know a little about me. I graduated from Arizona State in 2003 with a degree in Italian. Since then I've spent the last year living and working in Italy as an English teacher. I teach at a small private language school in Sardegna. I teach all levels of English, both group and private lessons and even an FCE test prep course. My students are great. They're mostly business people and a few who are supplementing their studies at university. They're very eager to learn. When you teach them a new structure, most want to use it over and over until they master it. And, it helps that Italians are generally very chatty so they like to talk, which helps in a language class. Although some are too busy with work to do the homework, they're paying good money for the course so they all want to be there.

I guess that it is this experience teaching English that influenced the decision to assign me to be an ESL teacher. I'm under no illusions, however, that next year will be anything like this year has been. So . . . Even though I've been teaching for a year already, next year really is going to be a new experience for me.

I just recieved my materials and paperwork from TFA today. There's a lot of stuff to get organized before the summer training starts. Less than a month until I head back to the States.

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