Saturday, April 16, 2005

First Post

Ok. Here goes. My first post ever! This blog, along with being about my adventures as a first year teacher in NYC, is also going to be (for me) adventures in blogging. Today I just got a crash course on Blogger as I spent all afternoon setting up my blog with comments and trackback and links to my favorite teacher blogs and then decided to see what my blog would look like with a different template and lost all the work I had done! Now finally everything is as it should be (just as I had it a few hours ago!).

So, yesterday I found out that I was accepted to Teach for America. Yeah! I have been tentatively assigned to teach ESL in New York. (From what I understand there's a possibility that this could change though.) I've only been to NY once (for my TFA interview). I've always wanted to live there and I can't wait. Three months ago I never would have guessed that by fall I would be living in NYC working as a teacher! I can't imagine what the year is going to have in store for me!

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