Thursday, January 31, 2008

Window Box Herb Gardens

Today I worked with Kindergarten and first grade classes planting window box herb gardens. I wish that I could post pictures of the kids getting their hands dirty in the soil because they had so much fun. One first grader was so adorable when he said: "Look how nice or garden looks when we work together. If I didn't behave I wouldn't get to help plant . . . and this is SO cool." Such grown-up statements for a 6 year old.

The lower grade classes are donating the window herb gardens to the upper grade classes as part of the community service aspect of the project.


B said...

Awesome! I just finished my 8th year teaching and have found that plants are a really good teaching tool!

I also found some good resources here:

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Another good resource for growing herbs in a window garden: