Saturday, February 02, 2008

Afternoon in Cobble Hill

Today after teaching Saturday School I decided to walk around a part of Brooklyn that I love but for some reason or another don't get to all that often: Cobble Hill. I had lunch one of my favorite brunch spots, Bar Tabac. I sat at the bar (by myself) and had a delicious Croque Madam. I even shamelessly dipped my French fries in the little ramekin of mayonnaise on the plate leaving the ketchup untouched.

I also made a few purchases which I will share with you all in photos:

1. I had this Lenanese coffee on my birthday when I ate at Tripoli. I loved the small strong coffee with cardamom and asked the waiter to write down the name of it for me. He told me I could buy it at a shop just a few doors down from the restaurant. It's taken me almost two months to get back but I can't wait to brew some at home.

2. Although I once loved this slim gold wallet, it has clearly seen better days.

I've been on the lookout for a unique looking wallet that I was really in love with for several months now. I wasn't sure I'd find one before the old one totally died on me but today I found this:

I love this coin pouch that is attached to the inside; it's what initially drew me to the wallet. I also love the way the pockets are set up and the magnetic clasp. And . . . after I photographed it I realized there is a strap that pulls out in case you want to carry it alone (which I do every time I go out to get lunch at school). And I love that it is blue. I really HEART this wallet! I didn't even have buyer's remorse when I paid $65 for it.

3. I got these sweet little cookies at One Girl Cookies. I loved the atmosphere of the little shop. So cute! The cookies aren't bad either :)

(Cookies shown on a little plate that is part of a tea set I got for my birthday.)

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