Monday, February 13, 2006

Things that were supposed to happen today but didn't

1. ESL Professional Development
2. Deciding on a yearbook theme
3. Going to the gym

Isn't it great when your whole day is wrapped up nicely in a theme? Unfortunately my day was full of unrealized things that needed to get done.

This morning I got to school and rushed to see two of my groups before I had to leave for a professional development meeting at 11am. At 10:15 I rushed downstairs to the office with my coat on and saw my name on the white board "Ms. M, ESL PD, 8:30-12:00." Somehow I failed to get that message in time. My principal still thought I should go to the meeting. I waited for the B14 for 20 minutes then when I finally got on the bus it went half a block and then was stuck in the middle of the street behind a semi making a delivery to a 99 cent store in the neighborhood. I finally go to the meeting at 11:25 and the meeting finished early at 11:35. So much for that.

I got back to school just in time to pick up one last group of students. After school we met our yearbook staff but there were only five students there. We talked about the themes but I didn't want to make a decision without the majority of the staff there. We tried to form some committees and get some work done. Without even realizing it we worked until 3:45. (I know, not really that much more but at least the kids aren't counting down the minutes until they have to leave. They really do want to be there.)

And finally, I got dressed and ready to go to the gym. I bundled up in my winter gear and snow boots to brave the massive puddles. I got to the gym and realized that I'd forgotten my wallet. They said that if I didn't have my gym card I needed my regular ID. I told them that I'd forgotten my ENTIRE wallet (therefore no ID, no gym card). I begged and pleaded for them to let me in. I offered to give any secret information that they wanted. They turned me away.

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