Wednesday, February 01, 2006

An update on the 37.5

So just two days after the letters were sent out informing parents of the new school schedule and after school 37.5 minutes, our union rep sorted out the time issue. We will be ending the regular school day at 2:50 and the extra time will begin immediately putting us out at 3:27.5.

It's a whole week later and they haven't sent a correction letter to the parents. Hmm, I wonder when they're planning on doing that. Also, many of the teachers still aren't clear on what is going on.

You would think that Monday, our last official PD, would have been a great time to talk about what is going to happen starting Monday the 6th. No, we didn't do that. Instead, we sat there in the auditorium for thirty minutes waiting for a TV to get set up. At 3:30 the nurse (who was showing us a mandatory video) finally got the TV working. It played no more than five seconds before one of our APs interrupted the video to make a quick announcement about handing out promotion in doubt letters. Someone asked about the "extra ten minutes" and after seeming confused she quickly said what the new schedule was going to be. She was speaking at lightning speed and ignored questions that teachers tried to ask. Then they resumed the video and that was that.

That always seems to be the case at my school. The most important information is either left out or rushed through. I have no idea how Monday is going to go but I'm sure that it will be worthy of another post.

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