Sunday, June 10, 2007

One step closer to certification

I finally finished the last of my certification exams. Eight hours of being at the testing sight on a Saturday was not my idea of a relaxing weekend but at least I am finished. I took the ATS (assessment of teaching skills) and the content specialty test (CST) for ESL. The ESL test I didn't even know that I had to take until a few months ago. Before I started teaching I had to take the multi-subject CST and I thought I was done. Then a few months ago Pace, my masters program, sent out an email saying ESL people had an additional test to take. Now I thought that there was just one CST per license area but I could be wrong. Either that or Pace made us take the wrong test two years ago and now they are having us take this test without telling us that we wasted our time and $88 by taking the other test.

Now I think all I need for my certification is to complete one more year of teaching.

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