Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Bowl Salsa

Salsa before:

Salsa after:

I have been making this salsa for many years now and it's always a hit. Basically it's just all of the veggies from the first picture plus a can of corn, a can of olives, a red onion, salt, pepper, olive oil, and two squeezed limes (plus the one on top for decoration).

I have a funny story about this salsa. I made it for my Italian roommates and some of their family members one year when I was living in Italy. (I had to go to a specialty store just to get the tortilla chips.) So they had all sort of eyed me chopping the vegetables wondering what exactly I was making. My explanations in my first year Italian weren't really working. When I was finished I left the salsa on the kitchen table with the open bag of chips next to it. I left the room and came back a few minutes later to find no one had tried any. I took a bite myself and one said "Oh, you eat it like that." Then they all tried a bite. One of my roommates said "It's good," in a still unsure voice. He paused for a few seconds and then added, "But it would be really good if you cooked it and put it over some pasta."

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J said...

Ha! That made me laugh. I guess the Italians really do like their pasta, eh?